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If you have a football coaching web site, blog or message board, or if you operate a football related business, our football coaching websites offer a variety of opporutinities to partner with us. 

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Through our content sites that include Option Central, CompuSports Radio, and The CompuSports Media Exchange, we continue to contribute information and multimedia resources to the coaching community.


Inspired by the "The Road Ahead", in which Bill Gates talked about the inevitable changes that he expected would take place in the Publishing industry,we built in 2002 as a platform for distributing self-published materials.  Through the CompuSports Media Exchange, we offer a sales and distribution channel for self-publishing Authors on a "pay-as-you-go" basis.


If you're a self-publishing Author or Publisher that prefers to let someone else handle the details of payment processing, digital distribution and optionally fulfillment, complete our Feedback Form .



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